Collaborating with me

Open collaborations

I am very happy to collaborate with other researchers.

With my awesome collaborators, I have worked on, and continue to work on, the following topics:

  1. Approximate inference, e.g. variational inference, message passing, SG-MCMC, function-space inference, etc;
  2. Applications of uncertainty quantification, e.g. continual learning, active learning, model robustness, etc;
  3. Generative modelling, e.g. VAE/GAN/flow-based models/energy-based models/implicit models;
  4. Applications: vision (images/videos/3D generative models) and NLP (generative language models, representation learning in NLP), etc.
  5. Others, e.g. meta-learning, transfer learning, continual/life-long learning, disentangled representations, gradient estimation.

I am open to collaborate with people that have very different background. E.g. I was not familiar with ML applications to NLP tasks until I started collaborating with NLP researchers (and I'm still learning there!).

If you are interested, send me an email at liyzhen2 [at] gmail [dot] com.