Carles Balsells Rodas
PhD student (Computing)

Carles is from Reus, Spain. He graduated with a bachelor in Engineering Physics and Computer Science at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and a master’s degree in Machine Learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He joined the group in Oct 2021 as a PhD candidate in Computing and a teaching scholar. His research interests are mostly based on machine learning, more specifically causal discovery, representation learning, and sequential data modelling. Apart from doing research, he enjoys studying chess, playing padel, and being around with close friends and family.

Wenlong Chen
PhD student (Computing)

Wenlong obtained his MPhil degree in Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence from the University of Cambridge in 2020. Before that, he graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics from McMaster University. He joined the group as a PhD candidate in Computing in Oct 2021. His research interests include statistical inference, Bayesian deep learning, and uncertainty quantification.

Wuhao Chen
PhD student (Computing)

Wuhao obtained a BSc in Computer Science from UCL and MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial. He joined the group as a Computing PhD candidate in May 2024. Wuhao's research interests include generative models, especially on non-textual data. In his spare time, he enjoys photography, reading, and various sports.

Isuru Shavindra Jayasekera
PhD student (Math, StatML CDT)

Shavindra studied his undergraduate and master's in mathematics at the University of Cambridge, specialising in statistics. Following this, he completed a master's in computational statistics and machine learning at UCL. He joined the group in Oct 2023 as a PhD student in the Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning CDT programme. His research interests include techniques to improve explainability, interpretability and reliability of foundational models as well as applications in the field of chemistry. In his spare time, Shavindra enjoys amongst other things going to music concerts, photography, hiking and trying out new sports.

Keyi Jiang
PhD student (Math, StatML CDT, with Andrew Duncan)

Keyi grew up in Huzhou, China, and attended an international school in Canada before coming to the UK. He completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Mathematical Statistics at Imperial College London. Following his graduation in 2022, he worked as a research intern at the Bosch Center for AI, where he focused on studying uncertainty quantification methods in deep learning. In 2024, Keyi joined the group as a PhD student in the Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning CDT programme. His research interests include deep probabilistic modelling, optimal transport for machine learning, and uncertainty quantification.

Naoki Kiyohara
PhD student (Computing, with Edward Johns)

Naoki is from Tokyo, Japan. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physics at Tokyo University of Science and a master’s degree in Advanced Materials Science at the University of Tokyo. Subsequently, he joined Canon Inc. (Tokyo) and started in Oct 2023 at Imperial College London as a PhD student, sponsored through the company's corporate study abroad program. His research is centered around model-based reinforcement learning, with a particular focus on sequential generative models. Moving forward, he aims to significantly enhance exploration efficiency by utilizing models that can capture uncertainties, such as Bayesian models. In his free time, he enjoys playing and listening to classical piano music.

Yingzhen Li

I lead my group's research and do my best to help with other members' great work.

Zijing Ou
PhD student (Computing)

Zijing graduated with a B.E. degree from Sun Yat-sen University in Software Engineering and then spent one year interning at Tencent AI lab. He joined the group as a PhD candidate in Computing in Oct 2022. These days he is interested in approximate inference, energy-based models, and interpretable AI. Zijing enjoys playing all kinds of balls in his sparetime, such as basketball, tennis, ping-pong and so on.

Xiaoyao Qiu
MRes student (Computing)

Xiaoyao got his BEng in Artificial Intelligence from Beijing Institute of Technology (2023) and gained experience through an internship at Samsung Electronics AI Lab. He joined this group as an MRes AI and ML student at Imperial College in Oct 2023, and his research project focuses on Score-Based Generative Models. In his free time off research, Xiaoyao enjoys playing badminton, basketball and city walk.

Lapo Rastrelli
PhD student (Computing)

Lapo obtained an MEng degree in Biomedical Engineering (Computational stream) at Imperial College London. He joined the group previously as an MRes student and now as a PhD student starting Oct 2023.

Jacob Yoke Hong Si
PhD student (Computing)

Jacob earned a Master of Engineering degree specializing in AI and ML from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Statistics, and Economics at the University of Toronto. He is also fortunate to have been advised by Prof. Jonathan Kao at UCLA and Prof. Rahul Krishnan at the Vector Institute where he researched novel machine learning architectures through deep generative modeling. Jacob joined the group in Jan 2024. His current research interests include the improvement of generative AI and applying them to various domains including images, sequential modeling and tabular data. During his spare time, he enjoys playing and watching sports such as football, rugby and golf.

Xavier Sumba Toral
PhD student (Computing)

Xavier obtained his MSc at Concordia and McGill University in Canada. Before that, he did his BEng. at the University of Cuenca in Ecuador. He also worked at the University of Cuenca and Heyday (now acquired by Hootsuite). He joined the group as a Ph.D. candidate in Computing in Feb 2023. These days, he is interested in Bayesian models and approximate inference. In his spare time, he loves running and discovering new places.

Zhengrui Xiang
PhD student (Computing)

Zhengrui hails from Sichuan, China. He completed his BSc degree in Information and Computing Science at the Beijing Institute of Technology, followed by an MSc in Statistics at Imperial College London. Later, he earned another MSc in data science and machine Learning from University College London. In April 2024, he joined the group as a PhD candidate. His current research interests lie in a variety kind of generative models, interpretable AI and their applications. Outside of his research, Zhengrui loves to draw digital illustrations, play the piano, play soccer, watch animations, and play video games.


Harrison Zhu (Math, StatML CDT, with Seth Flaxman, defended 2024) -> First destination: start-up

Lapo Rastrelli (2021/22) -> PhD @ Imperial Computing
Jiaming Zhang (2022/23) -> First destination: PhD @ University of Glasgow
Pengyang Xie (2022/23) -> First destination: Alibaba
Ze Zhang (2022/23) -> First destination: Tencent