Working with me

Study with me for a PhD

In the next academic year (Oct 2022 entry) I am looking for 2-3 PhD students to join my group. See Computing's PhD application page for a potential timeline.

Before contacting me, think about whether you should (not) do a PhD in machine learning, read about my research topics, and think about whether we are a good match.

If you want to do a PhD with me then, I expect you to have a solid skill set in both math and coding. This might be demonstrated by a 1st-class UK degree (or equivalent) in math, physics, computer science or related subjects. I also provide a self-assessment here if you want a bit more reassurance. Publication is a plus factor but not necessary, as long as you can demonstrate your potential for research innovations.

When you contact me, attach your CV, plus a short statement (1 page maximum) about the potential ML research problems you want to work on with me and your expectations about PhD research. Also see the PhD application guideline for submitting an application to Imperial Computing.

Areas for PhD research topics

We can be a good match if you want to research on the following topics:

  1. Bayesian computation, e.g. approximate inference, sampling;
  2. Uncertainty quantification & decision theory;
  3. Training generative models for vision & NLP;
  4. Sequential generative models & stochastic dynamical models;
  5. Analysing behaviours of (stochastic) neural networks;
  6. Hierarchical/compositional representations, disentangled representations, generating counterfactuals, etc;
  7. Robust ML, e.g. security & privacy issues, model diagnosis/repair;
  8. Adaptive learning, transfer learning & continual learning;
  9. Personalised few-shot learning with e.g. knowledge representations;
  10. Others, e.g. energy-based models, gradient estimation, Stein's method, etc.

Short-term projects/internships/participation

If you are an Imperial undergrad/master/PhD student, contact me for potential projects. 

Starting Oct 2021, we will also host "crash courses" on advanced ML topics presented by our team members, so reach out if you would like to participate. 

For other people, usually I do not offer paid short-term projects or internships. Still you are welcome to contact me for lightweight discussions and mentorships on related research topics. 


See here for a list of topics that we can potentially collaborate.